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Who are we?

The Campus Cat Coalition at the University of Texas at Arlington is a registered student organization that welcomes all animal lovers. We care for the various stray and feral cats that call UTA's campus their home. We provide the necessary food, water, shelter, and medical care for the cats. We place importance on educating students about spaying and neutering their animals along with emphasizing the commitment of responsible pet ownership. In addition, the CCC tries to decrease one potential source of feral cats – local strays – by providing resources on local low-cost sterilization and vaccines.  

Our biggest day-to-day operations are feeding the cats on and immediately around campus. We also practice TNR (trap-neuter-release), learn more about TNR here.


The CCC Mission

  • Promote the general welfare of the various stray and feral cats on campus by providing them with food, water, shelter, and necessary medical care, including TNR (trap-neuter-release) procedures.

  • Establishment and maintenance of feeding locations where CCC volunteers provide regular meals and observe the cats daily.

  • Place any friendly stray cats found on campus into a CCC approved foster home with the intent of getting them adopted into a safe and loving home.

  • Spread community awareness on the local pet overpopulation problem and education on the costs and commitment of responsible pet ownership.

How you can help the Campus Cats


Looking for a furry friend? Please consider adopting one of our rescue kitties! You can view our adoptable kitties here!


In order to continue saving more campus cats, we need volunteers to foster strays found on campus. Can't foster long term? We also need volunteers willing to keep our ferals overnight as they recover from surgery then released back to their territory. Please fill out our foster agreement here.


We need help with our fundraisers, transporting our cats too and from the veterinarian, performing TNR across campus, as well as volunteers to keep the campus cats fed. Please check out our committees that members are encouraged to join here.


We run completely on donations, usually from the wonderful UTA community. Any donations are greatly appreciated. If you'd like to donate online please click here. We also have a list of items that we are currently in need of which can be found here. Thank you very meow!

Home: Contact

Contact Campus Cat Coalition

Have you seen a cat with one tipped ear? This signifies that the cat is spayed or neutered and cared for! If you see any cats on campus without an ear tip let us know, so we can trap them and get them spayed or neutered.  When reporting a cat, please include location, photo, and description, if possible! Please also report any ill cats you encounter on campus. Help us keep not only the campus cat population under control, but also keep the current campus cats healthy! 

At this time we are unable to take in any new cats unless it is an emergency situation. Please email us directly at if you have questions. Thank you!

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